Urban Gun Violence – A Daily Occurrence in our Cities

Although school shootings garner the most media attention, urban gun violence is a daily occurrence in city neighborhoods where systemic inequalities are a way of life. Gun violence does not occur equally across all communities but thrives in black and brown communities where racism, poverty, and a lack of social and financial mobility are part of a daily life

  • 75% of homicides—which cluster in cities—involve guns, and the majority affect young Black and Latino men living in historically underfunded neighborhoods (everytown.org)
  • In 2020, murders and gun homicides in the US increased markedly
    In cities overall, murders increased by 33 percent, and gun homicides increased by 37 percent compared to 2019 (everytown.org)
  • State gun laws restricting who has access to guns significantly reduce rates of firearm related homicides (Boston University School of Public Health, FBI and CD)

There is a devastating social and economic impact on neighborhoods that experience high levels of gun violence. Gun violence becomes the norm; property values, jobs, home values and less business activity perpetuate the cycle. Community based activities, community violence prevention programs, and community and hospital-based intervention programs strive to change the culture that perpetuates the cycle. While these are important, legislation is needed to limit access to guns as well as support these community efforts.