Safe Storage Saves Lives

Of the annual firearm deaths in America, 2/3 are a result of suicide and preventable deaths (gunviolence Thus we know, every day in America, lives are lost senselessly because a firearm was not securely stored, and related risks were not properly assessed.

Preventable, predictable tragedies resulting from a poorly secured firearm are:

  • Preventable shootings of children and others
  • Stolen firearms resulting in crimes
  • Suicides that are impulsive in nature
  • Domestic abuse homicides

An estimated 4.6 million children in the United States live in homes with at least one loaded, unsecured firearm ( Among children 89% of preventable shooting deaths occur in the home and most occur when children are playing with a loaded gun in their parent’s absence. Almost half of suicides are gun related and youth in general, particularly youth of color are showing alarmingly high rates of suicide by gun.

Many states have safe storage laws but there is more work to be done. A locked device with ammunition stored separately from the firearm is the best way to insure a safe household. Other safe storage devices are bio-metric safes or gun locks. Assess your risk of owning a firearm and the consequences for your household. Being sure your children are cared for and play in safe spaces is critical and includes having conversations with the parents of your child’s playmates.Do you have a firearm in your home? Is it safely secured?