We envision a country free from gun violence


We envision a country free from gun violence where people of all ages are safe to learn, play, work, and grow.


To connect, to educate, to advocate and to collaborate to advance  national legislative strategies and initiatives to promote gun safety and save lives in all our communities.


The story of Grandparents Uniting for Gun Safety began in January 2013. After the Sandy Hook School tragedy in December 2012, two independent Grandmothers Against Gun Violence groups were formed. Spurred by the outrage and compassion we felt, we vowed to learn, lead and advocate to prevent gun violence of all kinds: homicide, femicide, suicides, mass shootings and preventable deaths.

We did not seek to eliminate guns but to promote safe and responsible gun ownership and use. We discovered the power of Grandparents and the impact of older voices in the growing gun violence prevention movement. Each of the two groups began with a small number of individuals who learned about our founding and wanted to join with us to seek common ground gun reform legislation. Through the years, each group has increased its membership.

Doing the Work

Since 2013, our organizations, Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, Cape Cod and Grandparents For Gun Safety, Kansas/Missouri have grown in membership and worked tirelessly in our communities to promote gun safety through education, advocacy for common sense gun laws and collaboration with affiliated groups. Take a moment to look at our websites to see the variety of work done for gun violence prevention and the numerous successes we have had. (www.capecodgag.org) and (grandparentsforgunsafety.org).

A brief list of activities includes working locally and nationally for the passage of common ground gun reform, including universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, extreme risk protection orders, and safe storage of firearms in the home.

Among the activities in our individual communities are programs for gun lock giveaways, member meetings with educational speakers, and development of materials profiling the full spectrum of gun violence. We also developed partnerships with local law enforcement, hospitals, legislators and others concerned about the epidemic of gun violence.


Grandparents Uniting for Gun Safety
A Logical Conclusion

Through the years of collaborating with other gun violence prevention groups on state and national legislation, our two groups became increasingly aware of each other, and it became obvious we had mutual goals and objectives. Thus the idea of a network connecting people who are concerned about gun violence and looking for a quick, uncomplicated way to make their voices heard was born.

Grandparents Uniting for Gun Safety (a 501 C 4 Advocacy organization) is a digital network of grandparents and all others who are committed to promoting the mission of gun safety and saving lives. Its purpose is to connect electronically with like-minded people in communities all over the country and give them the opportunity to amplify their voices by speaking out together. As a significant voting bloc in our nation’s elections, such a united network has the power to make an impact by advocating for positive cultural changes and common ground legislative solutions.

We invite you to sign up at Add Your Voice to the Grandparents Uniting for Gun Safety network.

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