Contacting Legislators

It is well documented that there is wide public support for gun reform legislation. Both gun owners and non-gun owners share common thoughts regarding responsible gun ownership and gun safety.  We  need to let our elected officials know we are committed  to gun violence prevention and will vote according to our beliefs.

You can contact a legislator (US or State) by phone, email or letter. Phoning your representatives is easy and takes very little time and your call will be logged along with your issue.

Let him/her know you are a constituent, send pertinent information regarding gun violence prevention in general or a particular bill you would like to see passed.

Your state representatives spend time at home; you can book appointments to see them and ask them what they support and what they do not regarding gun violence prevention.

You can usually find the status of gun violence bills by searching “gun bills” on your state government site. Shortly, you will find your gun violence prevention champions among your reps by doing so.

Find US Congress members here:

State Senators and representatives:
Simply google your state and the word “legislators”