Reading List

Activists, survivors, and researchers continue to write many insightful books on gun violence. We will be constantly updating this list.

The Second Amendment by Michael Waldman
Gun Fight by Adam Winkler
Gun Guys “A Road Trip” by Dan Baum
Newtown “An American Tragedy” by Mathew Lysiak
Pediatric Collections ( Firearm- Related Injuries and Preventions by American Academy of Pediatrics)
Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill by Lt. Col Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano
As Good As She Imagined by Roxanna Green
Parkland by Dave Cullen
Never Again by David Hogg and Lauren Hogg
Fight Like a Mother by Shannon Watts (Founder of Moms Demand Action)
Helping The Good Do Better by Thomas F Sheridan
Gundamentalism and Where it is Taking America  by James E. Atwood
The Gun Debate (What Everyone Needs to Know) by Philip J Cook and Kristin A Goss
Confronting Gun Violence in America by Thomas Gabor
Enough: Solving America’s Gun Violence Crisis by Thomas Gabor
This Is The Fire: What I Say To My Friends About Racism  by Don Lemon
Carnage: Preventing Mass Shootings in America by Thomas Gabor
The Legacy He Left Me by Lavern Gordon
Children Under Fire: An American Crisis by John Woodrow Cox
Gun Guys “A Road Trip” by Dan Baum
The Second: Race and Guns in a Fatality Unequal America by Carol Anderson
American Carnage: Shattering the Myths That Fuel Gun Violence (2023)  (Release in May 2023) by Thomas Gabor and Fred Guttenberg
Bloodbath Nation: Why is America Gun Crazy by Paul Oster
The Violence Project: How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic by Jillian Peterson, PhD and James Densley, PhD