Exhibiting at Events

Whenever possible, participate in events where there is an opportunity for a table or booth with educational materials about gun violence prevention and gun safety.

Exhibiting at community events is a great opportunity to build a network of gun violence prevention advocates. Be sure to bring a sign-up sheet for contacts.

Some opportunities for exhibiting include:

  • Farmer’s markets
  • Health fairs
  • Community nights out
  • Street fairs
  • Art fairs
  • Community centers

Partnering with other groups allied with gun violence prevention can lead to exhibiting opportunities:

  • Suicide prevention groups
  • Domestic abuse groups
  • Mental health groups

Creating literature to place in police stations, community centers, libraries, senior centers (anywhere people gather) also increases your reach.

Increase your reach by creating and distributing literature to anywhere people gather , e.g.  community centers, libraries, and senior centers.

No matter how big or small, your presence starts a conversation!