The power of the vote is critical and there are many facets to it.

First, get to know your local, state and federal candidates well before voting. Always ask the candidate their stand on gun violence prevention issues to get it on the public record. Attending candidate forums, town halls and “meet and greets” are effective ways to get the information.

Once you have identified the candidates you want to support, work in their campaigns in any way you can: postcard writing, phone banks, hosting coffees, canvassing, donating to their campaign etc. You can also help by working the polls and posting on social media.

Take the time to make a plan:

  1. Be sure you are registered to vote
  2. Watch for the deadlines for registering, voting by mail, early voting and voting in person
  3. Check your voting location in case it has changed

In some states, voting by mail and early voting have offered us a unique opportunity to be prepared. When possible, vote early so there is time for getting involved in Get Out The Vote activities.