Rallies are a highly effective way to advocate and educate because of the multiple impressions you can make on a larger audience of people.

You can organize your own rally with friends or look for a rally activity in your area. Picking a high traffic area such as a traffic a rotary, a highway bridge, or along the highway gives an opportunity for many people to see you. Choosing a high traffic time is also important. Another effective option is a park where you can engage in a conversation.

Wearing orange (the gun violence prevention color) helps to reinforce your message.

You can make signs stressing common sense gun legislation, gun safety, background checks, and issues that are relevant in your state’s gun violence prevention agenda. Don’t be political and refrain from harsh language.

Grandparents For Gun Safety Demonstrate at Gun Violence Awareness Day

When we rally we:

Highlight Freedom of Speech and Assembly
When you assemble it reminds people they live in a society where they can assemble and speak freely.

Encourage People
Your presence encourages people to stand up and speak out for what they believe. You encourage positive change and action.

Raise the Issue
Many folks are too busy with their lives and families to follow the gun violence prevention issue, so you can serve as a reminder to them to vote for common sense gun candidates.

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence – Cape Cod, MA

Start a Conversation
Often it starts a conversation with others who may not be thinking about the topic. People who see you there may become allies.

Send a Message
Rallies send a message to our politicians and elected officials as well as to people who would oppose common sense gun legislation.



Stand Up, Show Up, Speak Up