For Immediate Release / April 18, 2023
For more information contact:
Judy Sherry, Co-Founder & President [email protected]

A new, digital network to advocate for gun safety is being announced by Judy Sherry, and Donna Wald co-founders of the new network: Grandparents Uniting for Gun Safety. The purpose of this digital network is to connect electronically with people 55 and older in communities all over the country who support the mission of gun safety and saving lives giving them the opportunity to amplify their voices by speaking out together. Connecting these people through a digital network, makes it possible to quickly inform and mobilize them about advocacy opportunities needing immediate action.

Co-founder, Judy Sherry, commented that we have reached a tipping point in the country as a result of the horrific barrage of mass shootings, combined with the actions of many states to loosen gun laws and increase access to firearms. The public is now engaged and enraged and is demanding elected officials heed their voices. Data show that the majority of the public supports universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders and the banning of assault-style weapons.

“It is time our elected officials listen to us, or expect to be replaced by legislators who will.”, Sherry stated.

Co-founder, Donna Wald, added, “As a significant voting bloc in our nation’s elections, such a united network gives people eager for the opportunity to advocate the power to make an impact on positive cultural changes and common ground legislative solutions.”

Donna Wald and Judy Sherry head their local organizations respectively:   Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, MA and Grandparents for Gun Safety, KS/MO. Both groups are ten years old, having been formed after the tragedy of Sandy Hook, and both have stood the test of time advocating for gun safety and gun violence prevention legislation.